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Telegram Enslaves WeChat

Telegram Enslaves WeChat

Happy Chinese New Year🎉! It's seventh lunar month also end of the holiday. So i learn to do something meaningful, get rid of some bad shit.

The ringleader of Chinese increasingly closed Internet - WeChat, kidnapped my family and friends, forced me to use their so-called social software(spyware actually). And I'm not looking for network neutrality cuz we're far far away from it. That fuckin spyware doing something worse. Like scan my disk for privacy, do content review to decide what I could see, filter what I'm sayin without telling me👿.

Since that imp enslaves me and I have no escape, I decide to let my Telegram enslaves that imp and then talk to my Telegram equally and freely, without getting my hands dirty.

Libs Version

Libraries to use:

It's important to know EWS is now Alpha version so it's unstable and changes rapidly. So again, I use:


  1. Telegram and WeChat account (seriously?)
  2. Telegram bot
  3. VPS (that can access the real Internet)

Setup the Telegram Bot

  1. Ask @BotFather for a new bot, /newbot
  2. Name it, WeChat Slave
  3. Choose a username for ur bot (unique), panda_wechat_bot
  4. Set /setprivacy status to Disable
  5. Set /setjoingroups status to Enable


  1. Set bot's profile photo: /setuserpic

  2. Set bot's description: /setdescription

  3. Set bot's about text: /setabouttext

  4. Set commands helper: /setcommands

    Commands helper:

    help - Show commands list.
    link - Link a remote chat to a group.
    chat - Generate a chat head.
    info - Display information of the current Telegram chat.
    update_info - Update the group name and profile picture.
    unlink_all - Unlink all remote chats from a group.
    extra - Access additional features from Slave Channels.

Get Token

Ask @BotFather for your Bot's token: /token, record it like: 123456789:EXAMPLEOF5BOTTOEKN5TOACCESS5HTTPAPI.

Ask @get_id_bot for your Chat ID, record it like: 716124421.

Deploy and Config on Server


sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y python3 python3-pip python3-pil python3-setuptools python3-numpy python3-yaml python3-requests
sudo apt install -y ffmpeg libmagic-dev libwebp-dev screen
pip3 install imageio==2.4.0
pip3 install ehforwarderbot==2.0.0b13
pip3 install efb-telegram-master==2.0.0b18
pip3 install efb-wechat-slave==2.0.0a16

Enable EFB in the profile

mkdir -p ~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default
vim ~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/config.yaml

Set the master and slave:

master_channel: "blueset.telegram"
    - "blueset.wechat"

Set token and admin

mkdir -p ~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/blueset.telegram
vim ~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/blueset.telegram/config.yaml

Set token as Bot's token recorded before to access the bot.
And set admins as Chat ID recorded before to make sure only you can access it.

token: "123456789:EXAMPLEof5BOTtoken5toaccess5HTTPAPI"
    - 716124421

Launch! 🚀

  1. Launch EFB:
screen ehforwarderbot
  1. Scan the QR Code to login your WeChat account
  2. Chat with your Telegram Bot

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